East Bay Family Photographer – Hilltop Sunset Session

As an established East Bay family photographer, I’m known for my studio work. This year, I’m adding a new offering with sessions in the Livermore Hills. I wanted to share this gorgeous East Bay hilltop sunset session so you could see why I’m so excited to make this available. If you watch the video, you’ll see what an entire session looks like and I’ll highlight a few of my favorites below. This session is a perfect example of what I aim for in a successful family photography session.

Mother and father walk behind their son and daughter in the Livermore East Bay hills during family sunset photo session

natural setting, natural clothing

I love the way this family dressed for their session. The tones matched the landscape without blending in too much and everyone coordinated without being too matchy-matchy. Their clothes are current but classic and comfortable, not stiff. This is not a look that is quickly going to look dated which is key to having a timeless look to your family photographs.

Fathers hand protectively keeps toddler boy safe near the street during family photo session

If you watched the video, you’ll see that we got the ‘must have’ photos of everyone in a well-composed group shot, looking at the camera. But the photos that really make you feel something are the ones where you are just being you– having fun and showing affection as a family.

real moments

See the images below for some real moments between these family members. Dad protectively holding son back. Mom holding her arms open as son runs towards her for a loving embrace.

Little boy runs to his mother's outstretched arms during family photo session in the Livermore hills
Mother and little boy embrace during sunset photo session
Brother and sister sit on old wooden fence and sister kisses brother on the cheek as he looks into camera during family photo session
Little girl feeding blue eyed baby goat through fence during family photo session

When it comes to photographing real moments with kids, things are always better when they have an activity to engage in. In this case, feeding a blue-eyed baby goat!

connection and emotion

Mother holds son on her lap as he looks at camera during sunset photo session

Showing connection and emotion between family members is key. These are the moments that matter. The feelings you want to remember when your littles are no longer small enough to fit on your lap or be held in your arms. I provide direction and guidance, but more than anything I am aiming for you to be comfortable being yourself. I’ll place you in the right situation and tell you what to do and then I’ll be ready with my camera to capture the moments that matter.

Father and son walk through the Livermore Hills during Golden Hour family photo session
Father lovingly holds daughter in his arms as young son wraps his arms around dads legs and looks into camera
Brother and sister children hold hands at Golden hour with California hills in the background

the secret sauce

Let’s not forget about that magic ingredient…the light. The light at this time of year is so beautiful. I especially love the combination of the beautiful light and the gorgeous landscape. These are the ingredients that create showstopping images which are perfect printing largely and decorating your home.

Little girl twirls during sunset photo session as little boy hangs on to mother who is smiling and looking at the children with golden northern california hills in the background

If you are looking for an East Bay family photographer, I am currently collaborating with Page Mill Winery in Livermore. If you sign up to be a wine club member this summer, you get a complimentary sunset session and an 11×14 print. Enter your email below to get more info on pricing and the other services I offer.

This month I am participating in a blog circle with a great group of photographers who are capturing family moments in other beautiful places around the country. Please follow along to read a post on The Magic of Folly Beach by Charleston Beach Photographer, Melissa Hunt and then circle back to me. I’m sharing because I draw inspiration from other photographers and think you will too!

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East Bay Family Photographer – Hilltop Sunset Session

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  2. Annika Bloch says:

    These are really absolutely stunning images! How beautiful to have any of them as art work!

  3. Melissa Hunt says:

    Fantastic photos and info! Also LOVE the video! Beautiful work!

  4. Jillian says:

    The emotion and connection you have captured in these images is breathtaking, really great post and a wonderful reminder as to what is most important during a family session!

  5. I lived in Livermore. Both my babies were born there!

    • Jennine Coosaia says:

      It’s such a small world. Let me know if you ever come back for a visit. I’d love to do a session for you!

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