I am so excited to have met Jennine Coosaia and to have worked with her
on a pregnancy fashion photoshoot! Jennine and I initially met through a
Facebook group online and we instantly connected through our passion to
create content that inspires others. During our photoshoot, Jennine shot
several different outfit looks that were styled and modeled by myself.

Today I will be sharing with you my fashion tips for how to dress up a
basic outfit during pregnancy! Basic clothes don’t have to be basic. And
especially during pregnancy- one of the most memorable times in your
life! Now is the time to take your look to the next level, embrace your
body, and take as many photos as you can. Keep reading for how I took a
nude mini dress from basic to boho glam.

Wear your confidence

The biggest thing I’ve learned with pregnancy fashion is to love the
body I have while I’m growing a little human! True confidence is
something that starts with the inside and reflects outward. Confidence
shows in the way you walk, talk, and can even be conveyed through
photographs. Know that you’re not alone if you feel discouraged when you
try on clothes in your new body or if you’re just flat out confused on
how to dress. Pregnancy is full of life adjustments and learning how to
dress for your new pregnant body is just one of these adjustments! The
big secret here is to love yourself and love your body! Don’t let the
clothes wear you, you wear the clothes!

Flaunt your curves

Don’t hide behind oversized t-shirts and baggy sweats! Wear clothes that
hug your curves and help accentuate the silhouette of your baby bump.
This fitted mini dress is my go-to outfit base during pregnancy because
of how nicely it hugs my baby bump. A good snug and stretchy fit is key
to the most flattering fit. Naturally, I’m not the curviest woman, but
I had fun embracing my new pregnancy curves in this little number. A
woman’s body is truly magical and so beautiful! So why cover it up?!
You’re growing a little human so you deserve to show off that bump and
any other beautiful curves.

Pair basics with non-basics

I brightened up this basic nude mini dress with a bright and colorful
chunky sweater. Nude basics with a pop of color is so easy to style and
so underrated. The sweater also makes an otherwise boring look much
dressier. Combining two different styles creates the perfect balance of
simple and chic.

Wear the heels

Heels can instantly make any look exciting! And there’s just something
different about how a woman walks in heels. It screams confidence.  And
there’s no need to kill yourself in high stilettos because small heels are
the new “it” shoe! A small comfortable heel is the perfect addition to
any pregnancy look. Grab those heels and strut your stuff!


Accessories are definitely a game-changer when you’re trying to tackle
pregnancy fashion. I topped off this look by adding this trendy boho hat
to my look. This hat ties the whole look together by giving it a true
boho vibe. Also, I will add that the only item worth investing in
through pregnancy is accessories! Spend your money on statement
accessories that will last you years beyond your pregnancy.

Glam it up

The key to making any statement outfit complete is to go full glam! And by
this, I mean hair, lashes, nails, and makeup on point! Details are the most
alluring factor and it’s amazing how much hair and makeup can transform a look. Take advantage of having the luxury to spoil yourself now before
the baby comes. So put in the extra effort and glam it up!

If you ever start doubting yourself and if pregnancy fashion seems
overwhelming, just remember you can never go back in time to be pregnant with your baby again! So take on the challenge of pregnancy fashion with an open mind. Find reasons to get dressed up and embrace your beautiful body!



I look forward to connecting with you more via my fashion and beauty blog, Instagram, and Facebook Page.






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