Where were you when…

There are so many things happening in the news today that we may feel we need to protect our children from.  So many things that we have no idea which news items will pass right over their heads and which will sink into their hearts and minds and alter the way they view the world and quite possibly themselves.  We all have certain events that have happened in our lives that we know we will never forget.  I wanted to make today’s solar eclipse a day like that for our little ones.

With my niece and nephew visiting and my 4-year-old daughter exhibiting curiosity about the planets, the sun, and space in general– I just wanted to capture today’s solar eclipse in a memorable way for them.  However, I knew that the technicalities would be lost on them…just as I know that the amount I understand (a solar eclipse is experienced by us as standing in the shadow of the moon) is minuscule in the grand scheme of things.  I wanted these kids to remember this event in a way that they could look back and say, “Yes, I know EXACTLY where I was for the solar eclipse of 2017.  Here is our morning at Rock City in Mount Diablo, Danville, California.

Rock City, Mount Diablo State Park, Danville, California – 2017 Solar Eclipse

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Where were you when…